Thursday, January 31, 2008


seems like i should try to outline, at least provisionally, the scope of my preparation:

several lines of inquiry-
first, in certain contexts i am interested in the faculty of iterative design to address an apparent lack in the profession. a lack of agency, resolve, and intention.

second, i'd like to conduct a typological study on hillside construction. steep slopes pose many problems, or limits, in terms of programmatic distribution and form. extreme site conditions usually yield interesting solutions. that premise seems to condition most of 1st year core.

third, i'd love to research the potentials of design that use generative units to perform on multiple scales: infrastructure, massing, structure, detail... how do i recondition and in doing so reinterpret those elegant models proposed by otto, nervi and bucky to adapt to certain socio-economic realities and problematic siting?

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